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About Broadway Market

Est 1980

Broadway Market, set between the Regent’s Canal and London Fields, brings Saturday morning’s stroll alive through a kaleidoscope of different tastes and cultures that can only help clear out the haze that one can get from a Friday night in London. Rub shoulders with locals and Hackney’s bohemian crowd to taste North African curries to high quality British burgers, shuffle the clothes racks for vintage bargains, and scour the stalls for vinyl Beatles records.

What sets Broadway Market apart from other shopping experiences is the range of quality, specialty, and variety of products along with a welcoming smile and the embrace of local community spirit.  Walking through the stalls is a real sensory and visual treat that showcases the diversity and quirkiness of East London.  The success of the market has meant the growth of independent boutiques and restaurants in the area so this destination is one to keep an eye on as hipsters’ are starting to get their feet, or more likely their platform plimsolls, in the door.

Boutiques in the Broadway Market area

Strut Broadway


2b Ada St, E8 4QU
Tel: 0207 254 8121

Collectors Vintage & Designer

Set in Broadway Market with an industry clientèle. Strut Broadway reinvents the term vintage with a wide range of designer archive pieces spanning the ages.



69b Broadway Market, E8 4PH
Tel: 0207 249 9655

Sustainable Fashion

69b is a sustainable womenswear boutique based in the heart of Hackney, East London. 69b stocks an exclusive edit of contemporary British and International brands that are engaging with sustainability.

Donlon Books


77 Broadway Market, E8 4PH
Tel: 0207 684 5698

Books & Collectibles

Donlon Books has an esoteric collection of the latest: art, photography, cultural theory, independent publications and zines as well as volumes on sound art, and contemporary music.

Best Known For

  • Vintage and couture clothing
  • Independent designers
  • World food stalls
  • Eclectic bars
  • Traditional pubs

Getting There


55 & 394


Haggerston (Overground)
Dalston Kingsland (Overground)

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London Fields


Broadway Market is closed to traffic when the market is being held (9am - 5pm)

Opening Times

Opening times vary – most from 11:00am

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